New season

And so the New season is nearly here and the afc  east has considerably gotten better at least on paper. New England cheatriots is in last(in my opinion) while it’s a tie pending on how you see it with the rest of the remaining teams. My phins have done a lot to improve the team to end our playoff drought, as have the dills and the jest. Losing clay to the dills is not something I like, would prefer not to play him twice a yr but not entirely worries me. The dills have made good moves as well (hate to admit it)  and the jest too (really hate to admit that) although the dills look threatening on paper lets be honesty with their current stable of nobody qbs it will be hard even for them with a few injuries to their injury prone roster they’re.right back where they stArted. The jest are not as injury prone but their offense is nothing to double take at. Brandon Marshall is Ok I liked him while in Miami but let’s be honest phins we know Wat he brings and Wats missing from his arsenal plus he has mental breakdowns due to Wat I and others feel stem from mental instability.